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What you'll gain from the course

We've worked with over 4000 creators and are experts at helping creators collaborate with brands!

  • Develop your production skills so your video quality improves 🎥

  • Learn how to monetize your content and get more brand deals 💰

  • Know how to grow your following and get more views on your content 🌎

  • Unlock your creative potential 🎨

Improve your content and start working with our Global brands


Read what creators who have taken the course have said:

“Packed with helpful tips to create better brand content... and it's free!”


“Great way to learn from a brand's perspective!”


“The course was very beneficial and informative”


“The course was very interesting. It provided a lot of information on how to become the best creator you can be. I especially found it interesting when the tiktok algorithm was mentioned and how we can aim to reach more followers/ views.”


“The course was great, I feel like every creator should have to do this course to be more informed”



  • Is there any price to be paid?

    Nope! The course is absolutely free.

  • How many modules are there?

    There are 10 modules in total, each module is a video lasting 4-8 mins covering topics such as: Personal branding, on-camera tips, creating content for brands, and much more!

  • Should I try this course as a larger creator?

    Of course! Whether you have 1000 followers or 1 million, we've included a variety of information for all skill levels which can help you learn things you may have not known.

  • How do I know this is for me?

    Do you feel like you've put a lot of effort in, but can't seem to get as many brand deals as you'd have liked? This is the course for you! We've made this specifically to help creators understand what brands are looking for and how they can improve their content game!

Learn how to increase your content quality and achieve better monetization